Classes Offered at En Avant School of Dance

Competition Team

An introduction to structured dance through the use of props,
creative movement, role playing and teacher-led choreography.

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Mommy and Me


A fun, energetic dance class perfect for the littlest dancer and their caregiver. A great introduction to structured dance through the use of props, creative movement, role playing and simple teacher-led choreography.

Pre Ballet / Creative Movement


Available to students 3-4 years old. Children begin to learn the fundamental principles of ballet and explore the joy of movement. This combines song and dance, and often incorporates fun props and seasonal themes. A perfect introduction to the studio environment and classroom etiquette.

Combination Classes


Ballet/Tap required for all students ages 4-6. Children learn the basics of Ballet and Tap as a foundation for all dance genres. Ballet is vital for teaching body alignment, basic dance terminology, balance, and grace. Tap provides an excellent means for exploring rhythm and practicing general coordination.

Ballet / Pointe


Ballet: A longer class including barre work, center work, across the floor, and choreography. This is recommended for students with a desire to learn classical ballet technique which requires time and focus to fully develop. Pointe: Available for intermediate and advanced ballet students ages 12 and up. This is Ballet technique incorporating Pointe shoes. Classes are usually 60 minutes and often meet before or after jazz or Modern classes. (Students must be at least 12 years old to insure that the bones in the feet and toes have ossified).



This class is typically offered in conjunction with other classes (i.e. jazz or ballet). Beginning Adult Tap is also available. Tap’s percussive form emphasizes rhythmic combinations, the precision of steps, and coordination of feet. Dancers will learn traditional steps (e.g. traditional time steps, buck time steps, etc.) as well as original steps which fit the music’s rhythms. This genre is also perfect for those interested in musical theater!



Available to students ages 7 and up. Jazz dance is a fun and aerobic dance form based on many principles learned in Ballet. We use contemporary pop music (with age appropriate lyrics) and learn the skills required for school pom and dance teams. Great exercise and lots of fun!

Hip Hop


Available to students ages 10 and up. This genre emphasizes the musicality of contemporary hip hop music. The movement showcases strength, precision, body isolations, and basic stalls. Since hip hop is offered to multiple age groups, instructors make a conscious effort to choose age appropriate movement and music.



Available to students ages 13 and up. Modern dance is a distinctly different form of dance. Although it uses principles taught in Ballet and Jazz, the movement is free, and the focus is more on suspending and releasing body weight. The choreography and style incorporates everything from lyrical to African movement. This is the most abstract and artistic form of dance.

Dance Team


The En Avant All-Star Competition teams are extracurricular studio teams that consist of standout dancers within the studio who are willing to put the extra time, effort, and commitment required of a competition schedule. Dancers must audition in the spring for the opportunity to be placed within the program. Our program is currently comprised of 3 Senior Level Teams, 2 Junior Level Team, and 1 Mini Team.