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Growing strong in the Eau Claire area for three decades!

At En Avant, we strive to help each child in our dance program attain self-confidence and the highest level of skill she/he is capable of achieving. We provide the foundation for dance to become a lifetime activity that will lead to physical and psychological well-being.

As testament to the quality of the En Avant program, we have had many graduates who have continued dancing through college on dance teams as well as informal companies, several who have gone on to teach, some who have opened their own studios, and a few who have performed with Nationally renowned Dance Companies. Established in 1980, our studio has been growing strong in the Eau Claire area for three decades.

Classes Offered at En Avant School of Dance

Required for all students ages 4-8. Children learn the basics of Ballet and Tap as a foundation for all dance genres. Ballet is vital for teaching body alignment, basic dance terminology, balance, and grace. Tap provides an excellent means for exploring rhythm and practicing general coordination.

Pointe Classes:
Available for intermediate and advanced ballet students ages 12 and up. This is a higher level of Ballet which incorporates Pointe shoes. Classes are usually 60 or 75 minutes and often meet before or after jazz or Modern classes. (Students must be at least 12 years old to insure that the bones in the feet and toes have ossified).

Modern Classes:
Available to students ages 13 and up. Modern dance is a distinctly different form of dance. Although it uses principles taught in Ballet and Jazz, the movement is free, and the focus is more on suspending and releasing body weight. The choreography and style incorporates everything from lyrical to African movement. This is the most abstract and artistic form of dance.

Jazz classes:
Available to students ages 9 and up. Jazz dance is a fun and aerobic dance form based on many principles learned in Ballet. We use contemporary pop music (with age appropriate lyrics) and learn the skills required for school pom and dance teams. Great exercise and lots of fun!

En Avant School of Dance

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